1. условие
2. состояние; положение; обстановка
3. режим
condition for a nontrivial solution
condition of optimality
1-g condition
20-deg angle-of-attack condition
aim conditions
airworthy condition
altitude condition
approach conditions
asymmetric wing sweep conditions
austere conditions
begin cruise conditions
below-stall condition
best-range conditions
boundary conditions
caution conditions
ceiling conditions
CFL condition
climb condition
continuity condition
Courant-Friedrichs-Levi condition
crossflow conditions
cruise condition
cruise conditions
day conditions
deep-stalled condition
departure conditions
Dirichlet condition
displacement boundary conditions
divergence condition
divergent condition
dutch roll condition
elevator-free condition
engine-out condition
environmental condition
equilibrium condition
failure conditions
far-field boundary condition
fatigue condition
final conditions
flexural conditions
flight condition
flight conditions
flow conditions
flow tangency condition
flutter conditions
flutter onset conditions
flyaway condition
foggy conditions
force boundary conditions
free-flight condition
free-free boundary conditions
freestream condition
freestream conditions
full-down condition
full-scale conditions
high conditions
high-angle-of-attack conditions
high-maneuver-lift conditions
high-drag condition
high-g conditions
hot conditions
hover condition
hover-flight condition
icing conditions
initial steady-flight conditions
instrument conditions
instrument meteorological conditions
Kuhn-Tucker conditions
Kutta condition
Kutta-Zhukowsky condition
landing condition
landing conditions
launch conditions
lift condition
lift-equal-to-weight condition
lighting conditions
lightning conditions
limit condition
load conditions
loading conditions
longitudinally trimmed condition
low-angle-of-attack conditions
low-visibility conditions
low-light conditions
low-speed conditions
maneuver condition
maneuver entry conditions
maneuvering condition
maximum endurance conditions
meteorological conditions
minimum drag condition
mission abort conditions
near-field boundary conditions
Neumann boundary condition
neutral backside condition
no-slip condition
no-wind conditions
no-windshear condition
nonmaneuver conditions
nonpowered-lift condition
off-design conditions
off-nominal conditions
omega condition
operating condition
operational condition
optimality condition
oscillatory condition
out-of-balance condition
out-of-trim condition
overheat condition
overload conditions
overtemperature condition
periodicity condition
post-stall condition
postcrash conditions
powered-lift condition
pre-stall condition
pull-up condition
quasi-steady-state condition
Rankine-Hugoniot conditions
resonant condition
restraint conditions
rotating conditions
scaling condition
sea-level conditions
shock-on-lip condition
simulator conditions
sliding condition
slip condition
slow flight conditions
stalled condition
stalled conditions
steady-state condition
STOL conditions
straight-and-level conditions
stress condition
subcritical conditions
supercritical condition
supersonic conditions
supersonic leading-edge condition
support conditions
system-off condition
tailwind conditions
takeoff conditions
task conditions
temperature jump condition
terminal condition
tip conditions
transient condition
transonic condition
transpiration condition
transversality condition
Tresca`s yield condition
trim condition
trimmed condition
tropical day conditions
unaugmented flutter condition
unstable condition
viewing conditions
visibility conditions
visual contact conditions
wake conditions
washout condition
weather conditions
wind conditions
wind shear conditions
wing-leveled condition
wing rock condition
wings-level condition
working conditions
zero-wind conditions

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